Floral Chicken

The Crown

These chairs where revamped for a pub in Yorkshire along with making bench seat cushions

Tub Chair before
Parker knoll before

A mid century Swivel chair taken back to frame and re-foamed and upholstered.

swivel chair before restoration

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The Crown
before reupholstery

This tub chair was transformed with a new cover, reshaping on arms and stripping the legs.

mid century swivel chair reupholstered in geometric pattern
Parker Knoll upholstery
Pink Tub Chair reupholstered

Below is a range of work showing the before and after for each piece. These are shown to help you understand we are passion about a good result and hence our reputation. 

This Victorian ironback chair was taken back to its frame and new seat springs traditional upholstery applied with a wool finish and castors  Type your paragraph here.

This Parker Knoll has had its wings removed, wood stripped and seat remodelled as part of its back to frame makeover.

Galley of Reupholstered Items

Victorian Ironback reupholstered